The green side pitch can make or break your score. Knowing how to nail this 10-40 yard shot is indispensable.


There are 4 basic rules to executing a good pitch shot:


  • Slightly open stance and hips

  • Hands in a neutral position *

  • Ball position in stance determines height and roll of the ball

  • Wrist should never break forward during the swing


Both stance and hips should be slightly open. To open the stance without opening the hips is basically useless. This open hip stance restricts the back swing, while promoting a free flowing follow through.


Hand position:

The hands should always be in a neutral (middle of the stance) position. Move the ball, never the hands.


Ball position:

The ball position in the stance determines the height and roll of the pitch. The further back the ball is positioned in your stance, the lower the arc, producing a longer run. The further forward the ball is positioned in your stance, the higher the arc, producing a shorter run.


Wrist should never break forward:

The wrist can break on the backswing, but never on the forward swing.
When taking the club back, I prefer to slightly cock the wrist to give those short, ¾ pitch shots some added punch and spin. But, regardless of whether you cock your wrist on the back swing or not, you should never allow your wrist to go beyond neutral on your forward swing. Never break the wrist forward at any point in the swing. If your wrist breaks forward, you will most likely scoop the ball, which can lead to less then stellar, if not disastrous, results. 


incorrect and correct pitch stance

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3 step pitch shot

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 *(very important)

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