-Mulligan on the first hole optional (Reasoning: Nobody has practiced, we're all stiff)


-Trilligans are optional, if Mulligan misses the fairway as well (Reasoning: Nobody should start a $125.00 round of golf in the rough, water or o.b.)


-Closest to the pin can always declare all putts good. (Reasoning: We aren’t confident in our putt and would rather give everybody theirs than miss it)

-If asked, you must declare which club you’re going to hit on par 3’s (Reasoning: It keeps the group cohesive, it also avoids people rifling through your bag)


-If you lose your ball in the rough, you can drop another where you think it landed, no penalty. (Reasoning: Had you had a caddy or an adoring gallery it would have been found)


-If your ball lands in a foot print in a sandtrap, you can move the ball to a raked part of the trap. (Reasoning: Touring pros work off perfectly raked sand, we follow careless hacks)


-If the surface on the green between your ball and the hole is dug up, eaten or dead you can move your ball to one side, for a clean surface shot at the hole. (Reasoning: Touring pros miss putts on perfectly manicured greens, what hope do we have?)

-If you test someone's driver, the shot only counts if it’s a good shot (Reasoning: You wouldn’t have made a bad shot with your own driver, drive again, no stroke)


-If you land in a divot you can roll it over (Reasoning: Life's too short to be playing out of other people's divots)


-If somebody is talking while you miss a putt, you can re-putt it (Reasoning: You would have probably made it had you not been listening)


-A side saddled tapped putt is considered in whether it goes in or not (Reasoning: Had you stood up to it, it would have gone in)


-If you pick up because of horrible play, you are given a double bogey, but relinquish all rights to brag about your score (Reasoning: Don't want to hear how well you scored after picking up on 5 straight holes)
OUR Saturday Rules:

The USGA rules are the official rules of golf. Every golf course has its own particular local rules.

And we have our own, unofficial, undeclared SATURDAY rules:



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