General golf tips to improve your practice and better your round.

  • When shooting from a fairway bunker, play the ball a ½ inch behind your normal ball placement, and take your normal swing.
  • Practice punching your driver off the tee for those under the wind shots.
  • At the driving range, try hooking and slicing your 200 yard club around the 150 yard marker.
  • Enjoy the game, regardless of your score.
  • If you're under pressure, make sure to keep your weight on your heels. (It tends to shift forward to the toes under pressure)
  • For the first couple of holes swing at 80% until you're warmed up.
  • Practice chipping with all your irons (3-SW) to diversify your chip shot.
  • On the range, try to hit the 100 or 125 yard marker with your 3 iron. You’ll have to keep it low and hard.
  • Play a round in your sneakers. Since they don’t have spikes, you'll have to swing smoother to not slip. (Never play barefoot because of the pesticides)
  • Keep a pair of rain gloves (they come in pairs, right and left) in your bag.
  • On a practice day, play the par fives with only a 7 iron. (It breaks the hole down nicely)
  • If you're between clubs (7 or 8), opt for the longer club and grip it a ½ inch lower than normal; hit it full. It’s like having a 7½ club.
  • When playing, try to consciously either draw or fade the ball.
  • Unless your name is Tiger Woods, refrain from trying the 6 inches off the green full swing flop shot. You might kill your partner on the other side of the green. 
  • Try to learn how to come out of a green side bunker with an 8 iron. (great practice)
  • Practice hitting your 5 thru Driver 130 yards. (It will teach you a lot of survival shots)
  • Practice three foot putts to avoid three putting.
  • If you have blisters on your fingers, place electrical tape on them before going out.
  • Keep a wet towel on you at all times to clean your ball and clubs.
  • On hot days, keep hydrated by sipping fluids on every hole.
  • If you're hitting into the wind, club up 2 clubs and punch it under the wind. (Instead of a 7, hit a punched 5 under the wind)
  • When on a slope: If your feet are below the ball, aim to the right of the target. If your feet are above the ball, aim to the left of the target.
  • On a practice round, try to hit the bunkers. They're very small targets, not as easy to hit as you would think, and it's very good practice.
  • When shooting for the green from 130 yards out, break the green in half and aim for a particular half. It can be left, right or back front. Inside 130 yards, break the green in ¼'s and aim at a particular quadrant.


My favorite GOLF TIP:

Have fun!