As I approach the green I’m absorbing all kinds of information. My senses are on alert, heightened like a jungle cat's, staulking its prey. I'm taking it all in: distance, lay of the green, every contour, every dip… I wonder where the beverage cart is. I’m dying out here!… My putt looks like a 10 footer, well maybe 8, 9 or 12… whatever. The general lay of the land suggests a right to left… Oh, no! I left my putter in the cart. No, here it is in my other hand… I approach the cup to study the wear of the hole… Gross, I wonder if they clean these things before changing the hole… The grass around the cup is growing right to left, confirming my right to left break. I circle to the far side of the green… I wonder what ever happened to "The Far Side”? That was the funniest cartoon. I wonder if Gary Larson is still alive… While on the right side of the putt, I notice that the grass is shiny, meaning that it's growing away from me, again confirming a right

to left break. So, I stand over this 8 to 10 footer, maybe 12… whatever, practicing my smooth inside to inside rhythmic stroke… I realize how scuffed up my shoes are. I’ve really got to clean them. Even Max’s are cleaner… I focus on a smooth rhythmic stroke… Have my feet always been this big? My dad’s feet aren’t big. Or are they? I look over at Robby's. Now those are some big feet! No wonder I can’t putt, my feet are in the way… smooth rhythmic stroke. The break is clearly 5 to 7 inches, right to left. I let my stroke go naturally inside on the back. Maybe I should hit it hard and straight through the break… No! No! It’s got a break! Slow down! Decelerate!… Aim out to the right at least 2-3 inches! Play a break, ANY BREAK!…


A pull, stab, jab later I’m 3 feet short on the low side… Argh, I need a new putter… I wonder where the beverage cart is…

Putting out of focus

focus problem while putting


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