I have bags and buckets full of golf balls and clubs…Why? I might need them. Like I expect to be needing 70’s technology any minute now.. (Did they even have technology in the 70’s?) Regardless, if you could see these golf balls, I'm sure you'd recognize some real gems. How about a couple of British size Dunlop “Hot Dots”? Or Titleist balata 100 compression? (100 compression balata...scary stuff) Didn’t these balls get lost, cut or die decades ago? Why do they keep coming back? I’d be surprised if they bounce, let alone roll! Keep them!

Oh, yeah...I’m thinking of firing up my pea-size Hogan Magnum driver, or better yet my Custom persimmon drivers. Back when woods were made of…wood. So what if my Titanium driver hits about 95 yards farther! Ah...I miss the workability of those duck-hooking-banana-slicing- sweet- spotless-persimmon drivers.

Shaft flex?...NO! We didn’t need flex back then, stiff or solid. How can I throw those puppies away? Oh, lookee here...get closer to the screen and focus on those, yes!... Spalding Elites, aluminum shaft… Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about… real clubs! Do I hear a higher bidder?

Who am I kidding? They'll bury me with these things. Ah...the memories... when I see that Spalding aluminum shaft 2 iron, my eyes tear up (what a beast of a club); I could smoke one of those scary balata balls over 180 yards! Or, who could forget the "Alien" sand wedge with its 4 inch bounce… this stuff is priceless... they're who I "was", "am"... what- ever... Get away from my clubs! Move along, nothing to see here...

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I know for a fact that I'm not the worst! I bet you're even worse...

I bet you're just envious of my backup ball and club collection!

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golf balls in bucket
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old golf clubs

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